Insurance for SEO Firms

Getting insurance for a marketing company

As a marketing firm, you make your money by making your clients money themselves, giving advice and putting their brand and business out there for their customers to find. A lot of what you do relies on predictive analytical models of the targeted population and consumer trends that can change in an instant. Because of this, a lot of efforts that a marketing firm especially an online marketing firm does has inherent risks whereby efforts actually harm the reputation and profits of the brand rather than improve their overall online ranking.
While we all accept that the client is always right, there are instances where the client makes a series of poor choices leading up to their downfall and more often than not, this is blamed on your SEO firm by the clients who also happen to be greatly dissatisfied with the work you do for them. So much so that they seek legal redress suing you for reimburse of their financial injuries. It’s at such critical times that your realize the dire need to insure you SEO firm with a reliable insurer you can trust. Below DR SEO SERVICES Dublin tell you how to choose the best insurer for your SEO firm and Tips to choose the best agent

Choosing the best agent can save you money and give you value for your money spent on insurance. A supportive and reliable agent can be hard to come by. Sorting through hundreds of agents in your location can be quite the daunting task. This article will equip you with the filters to see through fake reviews and know what to look for in the best insurance agent in your location.

Avoid captive agents
Agents who represent only one company are not the best option unless you are sure that the brand they are representing is exactly what you need. They tend to be biased when they advise on which policies are best suited for your current situation. They will obviously exaggerate the quality of their policies and before you know it you are buying a policy which does not cover you adequately for risks unique to your situation or are insanely expensive compared to other similar products.

Only contact licensed agents to avoid being scammed. Before doing any business or consultations with an insurance representative or broker make sure you have checked for proof of registration and license to practice the trade as failure to do so could result is the loss of your money.

Reachable via phone and online chats at all times
A good agent is one who is reachable at all times via phone, and online chats. If you cannot reach them easily, then perhaps you need to find another agent in case you ever have an emergency.

Reviews and referrals
Before contacting them, do your own online and real life research on their background. Ask for referrals from friends to their best insurance agent. Ask them how courteous, knowledgeable and reliable their agent is on a scale of one to ten. Online reviews on unbiased listings like Yelp could also say a lot about the credibility and quality of services offered by a particular agency. When vetting them; ask them for their longest active clients. If they do not have any yet they have been around for some time; that could be a red flag.

Costs and brands
Before choosing an agent check to ensure that they are offering the company brands that you are interested in. It is after all the reputation of the insurer that matters the most. It will normally not cost you more to buy policies through and agency but comparing several agents offering the same products will help you choose one that is most suitable for you.

Ongoing support at no extra costs
You need to know that the insurance agent you choose will be there to support you in when you need to solve billing disputes with your insurer and that this will not cost you more money before agreeing to be their client.

insurance-agentGenerally, when choosing insurance agents, prefer the ones with a brand of their own alongside the logo of their companies
Small to moderately large SEO firms needs any of two main types of insurance for marketing firms namely; professional liability and general liability so that you are sure that any claims of financial or other injuries are paid for by the policy rather than lead up to shameful and costly lawsuits.
Professional liability errors and omissions that may occur and causing injury to the client’s website and business. Even when you are so sure that you are doing all the right efforts towards advancing your clients marketing plan and helping them implement them, you could always have that unpredictable event that could cause their business to plummet leading to blame game which often leads to all fingers pointing to you.
General liability policies on the other hand cover accidents and incidents that could happen at any time as a result of your work. Even though your work is seemingly harmless, there are always those perils that you cannot eliminate. From personal injuries to damage to other people’s property and loss of data on the clients’ servers, you could be facing third-party claims at any time and you need to be covered. General liability also protects your business against day to day damage to you property and loss of finances so that your business can keep running without any major setbacks.

Having good insurance is an absolute necessity when you need to protect your SEO business and you customers from financial damage. As with any other policy for businesses, it is better to have a policy covering your SEO business than to need one. If you don’t have coverage right now, do get one that is cost effective yet comprehensive and chances are that you will be glad you did obtain